C'est la vie!

1 hr. 55 min. | Rated M | Offensive language.

Starring: Jean-Pierre Bacri, Jean-Paul Rouve, Gilles Lellouche

Opening at the Capitol

Max has been a caterer for 30 years. When planning a fairytale wedding in a 17th-century castle with the most disorganised group of waiters, cooks, photographers and wedding singers, a series of hilarious near catastrophes puts the planned wedding at risk.
From the wedding preparations early in the morning to the end of the party at dawn the next day, various personalities and stories unfold, all centred around grumpy Max who manages to tie everyone together around the one quality that they all share: le sens de la fĂȘte, they all know how to have a good time.

In French with English subtitles.


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