The Old Man & The Gun

1 hr. 33 min. | Rated PG-13 | Contains offensive language.

Starring: Robert Redford, Casey Affleck, Danny Glover, Tika Sumpter, Keith Carradine, Tom Waits, Sissy Spacek

Say it isn’t so. But according to authentic Hollywood golden boy Robert Redford—no longer a boy but still box-office gold—The Old Man & the Gun will be his final film. Regrettable as that may be, it’s a perfect way, at age 82, to tip his ten-gallon hat and say adios.
In the center spotlight of this remarkable true story, he truly shines in the role of Forrest Tucker, a popular and beloved bank robber who held up scores of banks with charm and style in the 1980s across six states, and made 18 successful escapes, including one most famously reported from San Quentin in 1970. What made him different as a media sensation from other career criminals is simple: he was a senior citizen who everyone, including tellers, bank managers, witnesses and other victims, cheerfully labelled polite, nice, and a real gentleman. First arrested at age 15, Forrest spent a huge chunk of his life in jail and most of his energy and focus on daring breakouts. His three-man crew of senior citizens were affectionately labelled The Over-The-Hill Gang. The movie shows how, even in peaceful retirement, they could not resist the lure of one more heist for fun. Writer-director David Lowery carefully delves into their camaraderie, too (well played by Danny Glover and Tom Waits). Also in the mix are Casey Affleck, as the battered but tireless Texas cop John Hunt, who pursued them vigilantly while remaining undaunted in his affection for the crooks and fascination for their ingenuity, competing with the feds to see who could crack the case and catch the old guys first—and Sissy Spacek as Jewel, the widowed ranch owner whose love for the charming, clever and gentle Forrest never faded. Under Lowery’s thoughtful direction, it moves slowly but it is never boring or confusing. Warm and funny and mesmerizing in its understated perfection, The Old Man & the Gun is a splendid experience.

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