The Keeper

2 hr. 0 min. | Rated M | Contains violence and offensive language.

Starring: David Kross, Freya Mavor, John Henshaw

Bert Trautmann famously kept goal for 17 minutes with a broken neck during the 1956 FA Cup Final. But this engaging if slightly soapy Anglo-German biopic isn't really a football film. Instead, The Keeper is essentially a decent, old-fashioned love story set against an extraordinary backdrop of top-tier football and postwar anger and intolerance. Captured in Germany near the end of wartime hostilities and imprisoned in a Lancashire PoW camp, Bert (David Kross) nevertheless manages to catch the eye of both a local grocer's girl (Freya Mavor) and a talent scout for Manchester City. But Bert's signing as City's new goalie outrages the club's many Jewish fans, who understandably have little love for Germans. The Keeper is a great story of love in adversity and is handsomely told.

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