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Only Good Things (Solo Cose Belle)

Only Good Things (Solo Cose Belle)

1 hr 30 min
Only Good Things is set in a quaint town in the region of Rimini. Everyone knows each other and the community seems peaceful, affluent and idyllic. When a new family arrive on the eve of the Mayoral election, the town’s conservative social fabric begins to unravel. We follow Benedetta, a popular sixteen-year-old girl, as she meets a bizarre family home that's just moved into her small town of Rimini. The family home - noisy and overwhelming - has a father and a mother, a newly arrived asylum seeker, a former prostitute with a young daughter, a very young prisoner, two guys with severe disabilities and a natural child. Benedetta, the mayor's daughter, is forced to confront her social role that - as she will find – she does not like, and to an ideal of perfection, even an aesthetic, that actually makes her unhappy. She leads us - through her love affair with Kevin, one of the guys in the house - into a world on the margins, where everyone seems "wrong" or "bad", but in reality is just human. And then the entire town, which is passionately preparing for the upcoming municipal elections, gets involved. Upset by this meeting and between moments of humour and drama, dancing, laughter, tears, paper boats, local cuisine and evictions, everything culminates in a single difficult night where everything unravels and seems lost. In reality, beyond the choices of individuals, nothing will ever be the same again. PG Coarse language & sexual references

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  • Genre:Drama
  • Director:Kristian Gianfreda
  • Cast:Barbara Abbondanza, Patrizia Bollini, Giorgio Borghetti
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