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1 hr 18 min
The charm of Aprile is that it remains unflinchingly silly, and at times, laugh-out-loud funny. A filmmaker (Nanni Moretti) takes a comic look at the ebbs and flows of his life as he becomes a father for the first time and struggles to make a film. His original production is derailed and becomes a documentary on the upcoming elections and the unfathomable possibility of Italy voting in a left-wing government. Director Nanni Moretti smuggles in clever personal, political and philosophical ideas without any pretence of seriousness. The backdrop to the story is the birth of Moretti’s own child, coinciding with the election of the notorious Silvio Berlusconi. Again, he plays a version of himself, a filmmaker constantly distracted by his son's impending birth and perturbed by Italy’s turn towards a new political movement now described as ‘Populism’. It’s a perfect mix of the personal with the philosophical. Anyone old enough to have lived through the 90’s will find it fascinating to see how our present was so shaped by those years. Moretti’s mix of absurd humour, slapstick, autobiography and poignancy, make Nanni Moretti a genuine ‘Auteur’ like no other living Italian Director. ..he makes it all so funny. The film is a delight to watch (even more so if you know anything about Italy). It is also a cinematic masterpiece. Chris Wagstaff. British Film Institute. Sight and Sound M Drug use

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  • Genre:Comedy Drama
  • Director:Nanni Moretti
  • Cast:Nanni Moretti, Silvio Orlando, Silvia Nono
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